Spherical Titanium Alloy Powder

Product Name :
Spherical Titanium Alloy Powder
Nominal Composition:Ti-6.5Al-1Mo-1V-2Zr
Particle Size Range:
45-106μm, 53-150μm, 75-250μm, 45-250μm

  • Product Characteristics

    The powder has a narrow particle size distribution, high sphericity, smooth surface, low hollow and satellite powder content, low oxygen content, high cleanliness, and superior quality. It exhibits excellent flowability, as well as high tap density and apparent density.

  • Application Processes

    LENs (Laser Engineered Net Shaping), EBM (Electron Beam Melting), HIP (Hot Isostatic Pressing), PM (Powder Metallurgy)

  • Application Areas

    Used in the manufacturing of aerospace, aviation, and maritime components, as well as load-bearing structures. It is also employed in powder metallurgy products and finds applications in scientific experiments conducted by universities and research institutions.